A teenage Thai girl, who was named the hairiest teenager in the world by record breakers “The Guinness Book of Records” in 2010, has come clean and shaved off her facial hair.

Supatra Susuphan or Natty to her friends, suffers from an ailment, a rare genetic condition known as Ambras Syndrome. It causes extensive hair growth, which leaves the victim resembling a werewolf. According to records, only fifty people across the globe are known to suffer from the condition, which obviously has an adverse effect on someone’s life.

VIDEO : Werewolf Girl Shows Clean Shaven Face To The World

Despite having undergone laser surgery as a child, Natty’s condition did not improve. She was ridiculed growing up, but displayed amazing strength of character to deal with those who taunted her.

Hair facial hair kept growing at an alarming rate, which lead to her being named in the world famous book of records.

VIDEO : Werewolf Girl Shows Clean Shaven Face To The World

But on Monday, she displayed her hairless face to the media as her father explained. “They still have not found a cure” he said. He continued ” Natty has started shaving in order to remove her facial hair”.

According to her Facebook page, Natty is married to a lad who obviously cares a great deal about her, judging by the comments posted.


Natty is a strong girl who will survive the bullies and hopefully go on to have a normal life with her husband. However, she does say that being hairy makes her special.

Well done Natty.

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