The Wildlife First Aid Clinic run by the Department of National Parks said they have received about 300 snakes every month that have been caught in people’s homes in and around Bangkok.

Kanchana Nittaya, from the Wildlife Conservation office said so far in the first half of September 460 snakes of which most were pythons were sent to the clinic before being sent to the breeding station in Ratchaburi.

VIDEO : Wildlife clinic say they receive about 300 snakes every month

They would then be released back into the jungle from there.

She attributed the rise in snakes being caught to the rainy season as snakes come out from their resting places to feed on small animals such as rats that are often found near built up areas.

She said that some of the snakes officials had to capture were venomous and included cobras which meant wildlife workers had to be extra careful when handling them.

She said it was not only snakes that rescue workers were called to capture, workers also captured water monitors that had strayed into people’s homes.

Source : ThaiPBS

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