Once again, we hear of irate taxi drivers in Thailand, taking the law into their own hands and getting it completely wrong.

In Chiang Mai, a poor woman was subjected to aggressive and prolonged verbal abuse from drivers because they incorrectly believed she was an Uber driver.


Woman Subjected To Abuse After Wrongly Being Accused Of Being An Uber Driver

The lady in question turned out to be a tea importer, who was accompanied by a disc jockey from a local radio station. They were waiting to pick up a foreign friend at Chiang Mai Airport, when the incident occurred.

Aristhapat Puethai, said when her friend got into the car, taxi drivers immediately surrounded the vehicle, hitting the car and shouting obscenities at her.

She continued to say “I was frightened and angry.”

Officials have since offered apologies to the woman but is it time for them to bring charges against the perpetrators, who terrorise innocent people?

Tell us what you think.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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