American YouTuber know to his over 3 million subscribers as “My Mate Nate” has gotten himself into trouble again over his latest video, which showed him flattening coins taped to train tracks.

Nate Bartling, 23, makes videos on Thailand and posts them to his YouTube channel.

YouTuber 'My Mate Nate' In Trouble Again

His latest video which has since been removed from his channel but can still be found online shows him attempting to flatten coins on a railway track which has caused an outcry from the state railway authority and citizens online over its dangerous consequences.

YouTuber 'My Mate Nate' In Trouble Again

State railway governor Anont Luangboriboon said that although he had not seen the footage, obstructing railway lines with any object is illegal as it could result in a train being derailed.

Bartling is already in hot water and has been summoned by police after complaints were made after he posted a video where he pitted his cat against a scorpion.

He must report to police within a week over the possibility of being charged with animal cruelty.

If he fails to report to them they will issue a second summons warrant.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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