VIDEO : YouTuber Records Cat And Scorpion Fight

A 23-year-old former Mormon missionary and popular YouTuber, who enraged many Thai people last year with his mocking video of Thai “English students” is in the headlines again – for all the wrong reasons.

Often controversial, Nate Bartling will have upset many people with his latest offering featuring his pets.

The video features his pet cat and a scorpion, which is allegedly a non-poisonous pet too. The curious cat paws at the arachnid, which in turn, defends itself with its claws.

As the cat sniffs too closely, the scorpion latches on to the lip of the feline. The cat in obvious pain and frightened, tries desperately to dislodge its attacker.

Bartling added cartoon style sound effects and provides running commentary in Thai.

People who viewed the video left him some choice comments asking why he allowed his pets to fight.

Last year he was forced to apologise to Thai people after he produced a video mocking Thai’s for their understanding of English asking them a number of Embarrassing questions.

The so called cat lover also videoed his cat tied to a number of helium balloons.

Tell us what you think?

Funny or cruel?

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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