High ranking police officials in a coordinated effort with several other authorities moved to close down two businesses running so called “zero-dollar” tours in Jomtien.

The operation apparently seized assets worth over 200 million baht after the Prime Minister gave the go ahead on the operation to shut down the enterprises which were either using foreign nominees or had foreigners assuming Thai identities to conduct business.

VIDEO : Top Brass Move In On "Zero Dollar" Tour Raid In Jomtien

Officials said businesses conducting practices like this are taking money away from the Thai economy.

The raids were led by Surachet Hakphan from the 191 cops and led to the arrest of Anuchit Maorungroj, who authorities say is a foreigner using a Thai identity.

The two businesses targeted were Thai Thong Yi and Muang Thai International Travel Group, who had been providing tours to Chinese tourists.

Both companies have had their licenses suspended until a full investigation can be carried out.

The moves come in an effort to protect the Thai tourism industry and ensure money from tourism stays in Thailand.

There were concerns that the raids might have a negative effect on the number of Chinese tourists coming to Thailand as more than 25% of all tourists that come to Thailand are from China, but authorities are confident that in the long term the moves will help the Thai tourism industry and economy.

Source : Tnews

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